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Raccoons - Squirrels - Roof Rats - Opossum - Armadillo - Skunks
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 Wildlife can be a nuisance and cause costly damage to your home or business.
If you are hearing scratching noises in your attic and or wall spaces, you may have
“Kriters” moving in.  

 Raccoons, Squirrels, and Roof Rats are common to Texas attics. Opossums,  Armadillos and Skunks are common to Texas lawns. Left alone these  animals can cause havoc to your home or business, spread diseases, and  cause expensive damage and breed into larger problems. 

 Once you have a “Kriter” problem, there are several techniques of removing them from your home, attic or building. Wildêscapes uses a verity of methods proven to work, for example, live animal trapping, one way exit doors, home exclusions and more.  

 We are trained and experienced to quickly rid your residence or property  of such animals. Inspections to find burrows, dens, or tracking  patterns commonly known to “Kriters” will be used to custom  design a trapping scenario solution for your conditions or situation;  we will guarantee prompt results and a safe environment. 

 Animal Statistics   

  • Raccoons have traveled distances of 20+ miles, to return to a den 
  • Raccoons can cause costly damage to attic spaces and carry many diseases including Rabies and Round worm 
  • Rats will typically enter your home or business at night  or early evenings and can cause severe damage to your wiring, A/C  components, insulation, exterior entry points and leave fecal and urine  deposits in your attic and walls
  • Rats can spread up to 35 known diseases through fecal matter and urine 
  • Opossum’s attract secondary pests such as fleas, ticks and mites
  • Opossum’s fecal matter and urine contain many types of  diseases including salmonella, which can cause a health hazard to people  as well as pets 
  • Opossum’s will enter and reside in attics, soffits and crawl spaces
  • Statistics show that 25% of house fires are of “unknown origin” and are attributed to Squirrels, Rats and Mice chewing on wires